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Standard Beauty Aesthetic

Reclaim Your Skin's Health

Andrea M. Clark

Licensed, Oncology Trained Esthetician

Welcome to Standard Beauty Aesthetic

Standard Beauty Aesthetic is a skin therapy clinic with a specialty in oncology training. We are certified in multicultural skin care and oncology trained. Our aim is to revive the skin and bring it back to a healthy state.


Revive your Skin



Customized Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment (men and women) will be tailored to the client’s skin type, need and sub condition which will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, muscle stimulating massage, aroma therapy, mask, moisturizer and SPF.

1 hour 15 mins


Getting a Facial

Teen Facial Treatment

Teen facial treatment will include extractions as needed depending on how surface dry the skin is. The skin will be prepped by nourishing it and feeding it first to insure the integrity of the skin.

1 hour 5 minutes


Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment with Microdermabrasion

Includes a customized facial treatment to your skin type and sub condition. This will include a double cleanse, exfoliation, mask, muscle stimulating massage, aroma therapy, moisturizer and SPF along with the microdermabrasion. This will ensure the skin is prepped and ready for this physical type of exfoliation.

1 hour 15 mins


Image by Jernej Graj

Customized Facial Treatment w/Chemical Peel

This service includes the customized facial treatment and either a lipid based brightening peel or a lactic acid peel based on the skin’s need and aimed outcome. The type of peel used will be determined after analyzing the skin.

1 hour 15 mins


Image by Raphael Lovaski

Heart & Hydrate Facial Treatment

This unique facial treatment is for Chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment patients. This facial treatment is all about restoring the skin back to its optimized hydration level and to cause the client to relax and receive some TLC. (Client must bring in a signed letter from their treating physician stating they can have a facial treatment along with ALL current medications).

1 hour


Soft Skin

Back Skin Cleansing & Hydration Treatment

This is a customized facial for the back using products for the client’s skin type and extractions if needed.

1 hour 5 mins


Female Model

Flash Glow Facial

30 minute facial which includes cleanser, exfoliation, toner, massage, moisturizer and SPF. This is for clients who have a tight schedule but still want to refresh, hydrate and GLOW.

30 mins


Female white toothy smile

1 hour Teeth whitening treatment

Professional, one hour teeth whitening service

1 hour




Get in Touch

16846 Royal Crest Dr.
Suite B

Houston,TX 77058

(832) 289-1043

Hours of Operation

Tues - Sat: 9am - 8pm

Sun - Mon: Closed

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